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In this introductory entry, you’ll learn about our services, about how we select genuine second-hand car parts and give them a new lease on life. You’ll understand where the parts come from, how they’re sourced from out-of-service European cars, and you’ll know the components have been tested before being pressed back into service. Let’s delve deep into the intricacies of this service and see how Australia’s European fleet stays on the road.

When Your European Cars Needs Work 

There are classic BMW roadsters purring down the highways. They’re zipping past American and Asian vehicles. At an intersection, the German automobile signals before overtaking another blood relative, a German-made Mini Cooper. Granted, that latter vehicle is inspired by an older British design, but its parts are all German now. Renowned as legendary import brands, Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes, all these European car manufacturers and more, need genuine spare parts when their systems become worn and unreliable. That’s where German Auto Parts enters as your dependable continental parts supplier. More accurately, we find, recover, and test genuine European car parts, then we offer those parts to you at a low price when your European car needs something more than light maintenance.

Second-Hand Parts: Genuine Benefits 

The first option, when your imported European car needs major work, is to have that part imported. That’s a costly and time-consuming choice, but there are advantages to this approach. First of all, the part is genuine. In other words, it’s a quality-assured part that’s certain to fit the void left by the broken component. Aftermarket car components are built according to a different set of manufacturing standards, so who knows if it will last or even if it’ll slot into the site where the old part was fastened? Fortunately, there’s a third option, one that doesn’t incur a costly import price tag or a dubious aftermarket part. Here, at German Auto Parts, we find out-of-service European motors, often low mileage models, and remove the functional mechanisms from those autos. Tested and cleaned, our genuine used parts are then issued warranties and made available to our discerning continental car owners.

Again, and this fact is worth reinforcing, the European cars we strip are often in great condition, even though they’re no longer on the road. The bodywork panels, engine parts, transmission assemblies, and extraneous working components, are all comprehensively tested, inspected, and cleaned. Finally, after being passed through our own in-house quality-assurance program, the final stage in the service work is to add those genuinely sourced parts to our European car used parts catalogue.

Please feel free to browse our list of products and if you enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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