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Škoda vehicles are known for their innovative features, high European quality and compelling prices. In spite of their durability, there are still times when you will need to repair the one you own to keep it operating in an optimal fashion. There are two ways to go about purchasing parts with the first being new factory parts, but this is the pricier option. Also, at times, a Škoda model may be old enough to make it difficult to find the parts. The other way is to buy second-hand parts since you can locate hard-to-find parts or parts in general for a less expensive price than that of new parts. German Auto Parts is a reputable source for used Škoda car parts. For further details about this car brand as well as our company, refer to the following details.

A Brief History of Škoda

The humble beginnings of Škoda date back to 1895 when the company founders, Vàclav Klement and Vàclac Laurin, created a bicycle named ‘Slavia’ at their company of Larin & Klement. After this bicycle was a success, they went on to build a number of world-famous motorcycles. Many of the motorcycles broke speed records and won races. Thanks to this level of success, Laurin & Klement began to manufacture cars with the first one being the ‘Voiturette A’. The name Škoda came about for the company after Laurin & Klement merged with the Škoda Works of Pilsen in 1925. Even after this merger, the company kept its commitment to produce only high-quality vehicles. In 1991, the company became part of the Volkswagen group of companies, which brings us up to present day with this brief history of the company.

Examples of Škoda Models

Today, Škoda produces a wide assortment of models that range from hatchbacks to SUVs. Below, we provide examples of these models:

  • Fabia Hatch is part of the Fabia family and all the vehicles in this family are the awarded cars that you may have never heard of before now unless you own a Škoda.
  • Octavia Wagon is a wagon version of the Octavia family of vehicles for Škoda. It has features such as a turbocharged engine, an adaptive cruise control and front assist along with a city emergency brake.
  • Rapid offers superb value for a European-style vehicle.
  • Superb Sportline is a sporty model of the superb group of models and is a car that completely lives up to its model name.
  • Yeti Outdoor is part of the Yeti group and is an ideal blend of style and performance.
  • Kodiaq is a 7-seater, 4×4 vehicle that travels well through various road conditions.

Contact German Auto Parts the next time your need Škoda European second-hand car parts. Our stock does vary, so do not delay. You would hate to miss a chance to buy quality used parts at a cost much lower than what new ones will cost you.

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