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Audi is a highly popular car company today all across the world. It has been manufacturing quality luxury vehicles since 1932 under the Audi name when four independent manufacturers combined their efforts into one company. In 1966, Audi became a subsidiary of the well-known Volkswagen Group. The company’s slogan is ‘advantage through technology’, which it lives up to with the innovations that it introduces in its new models of cars.

Regardless of the quality of the Audi vehicles, though, there are times when parts will need replacing for your vehicle to keep operating properly. You can choose to purchase brand new parts to accomplish the repairs, but this is the pricier option. A more affordable option is to buy second-hand parts for your vehicle.

German Auto Parts Is Your Source for Used Audi Parts in Melbourne

Our company, German Auto Parts is your source for second-hand Audi parts in Melbourne, Australia. We have been answering the high demand for used vehicle parts for 20 years in a quality, efficient manner. In addition, we provide personalized service that is far superior to our competitors since we are family owned and operated. When you rely on us for used parts for your Audi vehicle, you get genuine parts and not knock-offs.

We Provide Used Car Parts for a Wide Assortment of Audi Models

You may think that our selection of second-hand parts will be limited to just a few of the Audi models. Nothing is further from the truth due to the fact that we carry parts for a wide variety of Audi models, such as the ones below:

• A1
• A1 Sportback
• 200
• Q3
• A8 hybrid
• A5 Cabriolet
• R8 Coupe
• RS Q3
• S5 Coupe
• TTS Roadster
• V8
• S7
• TT Roadster
• Other Audi Models

Why You Need to Rely on Our Company for Your Second-Hand Audi Parts

Our wide assortment of used Audi parts is not the only reason to rely on us for them. We test engine, electrical, engine and other types of parts to guarantee that they will work correctly in your vehicle. Also, we issue a warranty for each second-hand part that we sell. Not only do we offer nationwide delivery, but we also ship worldwide when the need arises.

Consult with German Auto Parts for further details about our company or second-hand parts. Act now since our stock varies in order to receive the used part you need if it is on hand at present. Our goal is to help you repair your car in an affordable and reliable manner.

  1. July 11, 2020

    Hey guys I just wanted to see if you had the parts required to swap a s5 v8 in to a 2006 sline a4?

    Do you know if anyone that could help me with it?

    And do you guys take swaps for engines? Wiring looms etc?

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