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BMW is one of the leading car brands in the world today. Thanks to innovative and precision German engineering, BMW vehicles are known for their excellent performance. Regardless of this fact, though, they still require repairs, which may include the replacement of parts from time to time. New factory parts can be an expensive way to accomplish the latter, and that is why so many BMW owners opt for second-hand car parts to fulfil their needs in a more economical manner. German Auto Parts is your source for used BMW vehicle parts here in Melbourne, Australia.

A Brief History of BMW

BMW is an abbreviation for Bayerische Motoren Werke or the English translation is Bavarian Motor Works, and it is fitting that the word ‘motor’ is the centerpiece of this name since it is a key part of this company’s success throughout its history. Karl Friedrich Rapp opened Rapp Motorenwerke in October 1913 as a subsidiary of the airplane manufacturer, Flugwerk. The company manufactured airplane engines until after the end of WWI when it started manufacturing brake systems for the railway cars and other products. In 1921, BMW introduced the Flink, its first motorized bike, which was powered by a two-stroke, Kurier Engine. It was not until 1928 that BMW brings out a car, Dixi 3/15. From there, the company soared to success gradually over the years to where it is today. Present models include such popular models as the ones in the BMW M Performance lineup.

We Offer Used Parts on Various BMW Models

German Auto Parts offers used body, engine and other parts for a wide assortment of BMW models. Our stock will vary from time to time, but the following are some of our present models that you may find used parts for from us:

• 2001 BMW 320 Ci
• 2006 BMW E90 320i
• 2009 BMW E87 123d
• 2004 BMW E46 320i
• 2008 BMW 5281
• 2007 BMW 120D
• 2013 BMW 125i

Reasons to Turn to German Auto Parts for Second-Hand BMW Car Parts

One reason to turn to German Auto Parts as your source for used car parts for your BMW is that we have extensive experience in this field. We also test electrical, engine, transmission and other types of parts to guarantee that they operate in an optimal fashion. Along with all of this, we provide warranties with all of our second-hand car parts. Feel free to browse through our website or to contact us if you require further facts about our used parts and our company.

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    Looking for a replacement for the roof of my BMW 125i convertible

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