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The Volkswagen or VW series models of cars have a long history of quality, innovative designs and performance. When one needs repairing, though, factory parts can be pricey or it may be old enough that the factory parts are difficult to find for it. That is where second-hand parts from German Auto Parts are a cost-effective, viable solutio. We offer a bit of history on Volkswagen below along with examples of the VW models that we may have used parts for at the time of your need.

A Brief History of Volkswagen

On October 28, 1937 the Volkswagen first opened its doors under the control of the infamous Adolf Hitler as a state-owned car company. It was originally known as ‘Gesellschaft zur Vorbereitung des Deutschen Volkswagens mbH’ and later was shortened to Volkswagenwerk and nicknamed ‘The People’s Car Company’. The company was operated by the Nazi organization of the German Labor Front and had its headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Adolf Hitler made it his goal to design and mass market an affordable, well-performing car with this company, so that more people in Germany could own one. He succeeded with the KdF Wagen, but then World War II started and Volkswagen has to stop production until after the war, It was then that the Allies resuscitated the company to renergise the auto industry. Since then, many models have been produced by the company, including the highly popular Beetle. Today, the company produces the following styles of cars worldwide:

• Hatches
• Sedans
• Utes
• Wagons
• Performance models
• Alltracks models
• SUVs
• People Movers
• Vans

Examples of VW Series Models That We Carry Second-Hand Parts for in Our Facilities

Our stock of Volkswagen second-hand parts varies throughout the year, but our present models include the following:

• 2005 VW Golf MK5 1.6
• 2012 VW Polo 1.2 TSI
• 2013 VW Golf MK7 TSI
• 2007 VW EOS
• 2010 VW Golf MK6 TSI
• 2016 VW Golf TSI
• 2015 VW Polo TSI
• 2011 VW Amarok Diesel
• 2013 VW Golf TSI

Note: Check back often if we do not have used parts for your model of VW or we can notify you when your part is in stock.

Turn to German Auto Parts today to learn if we have the second-hand parts that you require for your model of Volkswagen. We test the engine, transmission, electrical and other vital parts to ensure that they operate in the correct fashion. Also, we provide warranties one each used part that we sell to our customers. Browse through our website to view other details about our company and offerings.

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