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Mercedes-Benz series models of cars come from a company that is revered throughout the world today as luxurious, quality vehicles. This fact should not surprise you since the company has been in existence for over 150 years. However, the origins of the company date back further than this when you take into account the separate accomplishments of its founders, Gotteelieb Daimler and Karl Benz. Regardless of the quality of the Mercedes-Benz vehicles, you will still have an occasional need for replacement parts. Factory versions, though, can be quite expensive. This is where second-hand car parts from German Auto Parts for these cars save you money while still repairing your car in an adequate manner.

Brief History of Mercedes Benz

For years starting in 1878, Carl Benz worked diligently on creating a two-stroke, gas-driven engine in order to create a vehicle not powered by horses. His efforts paid off in 1879 and he opens the Mannheim Gas Engine Factory as a partial shareholder. After business issues, he leaves that company to start Benz & Cie. In 1885, Karl Benz created his first motorized tricycle. In 1984, Daimler works with Wilhelm Maybach to develop an internal combustion engine that we know today as the ‘Grandfather Clock’ due to its configuration. The next year Daimler manufactured a horseless carriage.

Around the same time, Daimler founded DMG and in 1900, the company introduced the ‘Mecedes’ car. Then, the war began in Germany and there was a fuel shortage for cars along with a high tax rate, both of which were disastrous for the automobile industry as it was at the time. Karl Benz requested help from DMG and after a bit of negotiating they agreed to join forces but keep each brand separate. It was not until 1926 that the companies merged and in 1927, Mercedes-Benz introduced its first car. Over the years, numerous models were introduced and the company is still going strong today worldwide.

Examples of the Mercedes-Benz Models That We Provide Second-Hand Parts for at Our Company

• 2007 B200 W245 Mercedes-Benz Sports Tourer
• 2016 CLS 250d Mercedes Wagon
• 2012 B200 CDI Mercedes-Benz Wagon
• 2005 CLS 500 V8 Mercedes-Benz Sedan
• 2015 E200 Mercedes-Benz Sedan

For further details about the Mercedes-Benz series models second-hand car parts that are available at German Auto Parts, contact us soon either through our website or using our contact information. All of our used parts are genuine ones. Also, we issue a warranty with each part regardless of its nature to ensure customer satisfaction. On top of all of this, we test engine, transmission, electrical and a variety of other parts to ensure that they are in full-operating condition.

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