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The Porsche name has always been synonymous with high-performing race cars and sports cars since the inception of the company in 1948. Even with this type of reputation, though, you will have an occasion to require parts to repair your Porsche with to remedy some type of malfunction. At times, new parts are difficult to locate or quite pricey depending upon the year and model of Porsche that you own. However, there is a cost-effective solution from our company, German Auto Parts, in the way of second-hand Porsche car parts.

A Brief History of Porsche

Back in 1948, Ferdinand Porsche senior along with his son Ferdinand or Ferry, as he was known, started the Porsche company with a mere 200 workers. Their goal was to build high-performance sports cars and later went on to also specialise in race cars. Senior’s prior claim to fame was that he used his engineering skills to design and the Volkswagen Beetle. Ferry, on the other hand, helped the company grow and prosper through his efforts as part of the design team for the first Porsche sports car, namely the 356, which sported a slightly enhanced Beetle motor. As the company grew, it started to produce its own signature engines during the mid-1950s, which led to higher-performing 356 models. The 100-hp Carrera was introduced in 1956 as a quality road car.

1964 sees the introduction of the 911 series of Porsche and went on to realise major success. The company ends production of the 356 series in 1965, but also brings out the 912 that contains a 911 body along with the 356 type four-cylinder engine. Over the years, Porsche has brought out many more models including its race cars. During 2016, the company introduced 718 Boxster and Boxter X models along with the 911 R along with the Panamera 4 E-Hybrid that debuted in Paris.

Examples of Porsche Models That We May Carry Parts for Here at Our Facilities

Our parts will vary, but some examples of the Porsche models that you may find parts for at our company include:

• 718 Cayman
• 718 Boxster S
• 911 Carrera Cabroilet
• Panamera
• Macan S
• Cayenne

Why to Trust Our Company for Used Porsche Car Parts

One reason that you should trust our company for second-hand Porsche car parts is the fact that we issue warranties with all of the parts that you purchase from us. In addition, we test out electrical, engine, transmission or other mechanical parts to be certain that they work in the proper fashion. Contact us soon to see what we can offer you in the way of used Porsche car parts.

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