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The Mini Cooper is a BMW product that is durably built to be attractive and reliable. However, no matter how well they operate, there are still times that you will require various parts to make repairs on your vehicle. German Auto Parts can help with this since we carry Mini Cooper second-hand car parts for your consideration. Read the facts below to learn additional information about these cars.

History of the Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper has a long history that dates back the 1950s to the original Mini that the British Motor Corporation or BMC introduced. Sir Alex Issigonis was the designer of this car. Various models of the Mini were then brought out in response to the fuel shortage, including the Mark II Mini with its redesigned grille. After this, John Cooper designed the first Mini Cooper to be a unique version of the first generation BMC Mini at his Cooper Car Company facility. Between 1961 and 1963, the Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper S were introduced to the public. The latter one appealed to the sportier group of drivers.

During the 1970s and 1980s, the future of the Mini Cooper was in question when the brand’s license was sold to Italian and Spanish Companies. The design of the cars stayed true to the original without any new innovations occurring in their features. As time progressed, the Rover Group that wound up with the rights to the Mini was purchased by BMW, a German manufacturer. BMW decided to relaunch the line. Today, the Mini Cooper cars are still highly popular with their various new innovations.

Examples of Current Mini Cooper Models

German Auto Parts will vary with their offerings of Mini Cooper used car parts, but we may from time to time have parts for past-year models as well as the following current model series:

• Three-Door Hatch Series models are safer and faster than previous models and come with updated features.
• Five–Door Hatch Series models have the Mini attitude with extra legroom.
• Countryman Hatch Series models are resilient, rugged and spacious enough for five.
• Clubman Series models are distinctive and bold in design
• Convertible Series models help drivers rediscover the feeling of freedom while driving down the road with the wind blowing through their hair.
• John Cooper Works Series models are powerhouses built to ‘wow’ you with their dynamic features.

*Note: Each series has its own selection of Mini Cooper models.*

Contact German Auto Parts on our current offerings for Mini Cooper second-hand car parts. We always test all mechanical and electrical parts. Also, we issue a warranty on each used part that we sell to you.

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