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We humans are surrounded with machines, taking from zip of the pant up to flying. And one of this machine is called car. You know How we use the car, we are using it to go to work, to go to picnic, to drive to to school, and many more. The truth is that without car and machine’s we would miss almost everything except for love. But once you bought a car, you also need to know that How to drive. So, today I am going to show you how to Drive a Manual Car Easily. I hope it would be helpful for you.

Steps to Drive a Manual Car Easily- Steps for beginners

Step 1. Knowing the Foot Pedals

In Manual Cars there are 3 main and important Foot Pedals, and each one of them has it own job. The Pedals are

  1. Gas or Accelerator Pedal
  2. Brake Pedal
  3. Clutch Pedal
Manual Car Pedals

The Gas Pedal: The right hand pedal is the gas Pedal, Pressing this pedal increases power to the engine and so increases the speed of the car. Releasing the Gas Pedal makes care slowing and finally it will stop by the help of Brake Pedal. The Gas Pedal only effects the two wheels in the back of the car.

The Brake Pedal: The middle Pedal is known as Brake Pedal, This Pedal helps the driver to stop the car. The brake Pedal effects all four wheels to stop after the accelerator pedal is released. Please make in mind that the Brake Pedal also operators the brake lights and alarm, so never stamp on the brake Pedal. And once the alarm and lights are turned on the people around you will you some reaction.

The Clutch: The Left Pedal is called the Clutch Pedal. Basically Clutch is for changing gears, if you are changing from Gear 1 to Gear 2, you have to press the Clutch and then change the Gear. Otherwise it may jump and you may hurt yourself.

While driving once the Clutch is pressed, the engine connects to the wheels but when it is released engine disconnect itself from the wheels.

The rule is applied to the all manual vehicles. I don’t know if you have ride a Bike, but riding the Bike is also the same, with only differences of location.

 Step 2. How to Start the Car?

Well, to start the car you need the key, insert the key and turn of the car. Once you pressed the Gas Pedal you will know that the cars has started.

Drive a Manual Car
Start the Car with the Key

In order to start moving the car, hold your left Foot on the Clutch Pedal and right Foot on the Brake Pedal. Now Change the Gear and move your foot from Brake Pedal to Gas or Accelerator Pedal and the car will start moving.


Step 3. How to Stop a Car?

The next step which you must learn is stopping the car.

Slowly release the Gas or Accelerator Pedal, then smoothly hold the break Pedal, after that push the Clutch Pedal, and put the Gear to zero. In order to start the car moving again, Hold the Clutch, Gear up and slowing gas.

Step 4. Learn How to Park

Parking the car is another requirement which you must learn. Because while giving the test of driving, the one thing that they are focusing is parking. So, it is important.

In order to park your car, first you have to look that is their any space for your or no. The second thing which must do while parking, is to drive smooth and slowly. However parking in different places requires a different set of attention. But in order to park in car parking base, watch the below video.

Step 4. Practicing 

Once you learned all the basics of Car driving, it is time for you to practice again and again. You know that you should practice in a place, where people are not their. The best way to train in aground or train before sunrise that all the roads are empty.

While practicing you must also learn How to Park your car easily.

Practice makes us perfect.

Well, once your hand is clear and you are ready, give it a shot on the road in the mid day. And try this on place for the first time where is not too much traffic.

And once you learned how to start, drive and stop the car, go ahead and give your test to get your license.


This was all about How to Drive a Manual Car Easily For Beginners. If you think this post awesome and it is helpful please share it with your follows and colleagues. Also recommend this for those even don’t know How to Drive.

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